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Here I am trying to give you access to Chuck Smith’s ‘Through the Bible (C-2000 Series)’. This was originally a 8 CD set that contains a menu for you to choose the audio lesson and or sermon notes. Click on these links to access the CDs. CD #1 covers: Genesis to Deutronomy 20, CD #2: Deutronomy 21 to Job 10, CD #3: Job 11 to Isaiah 42, CD #4: Isaiaha 43 to Amos, CD #5: Obadiah to Luke 2, CD #6: Luke 3 to Acts 23, CD #7: Acts 24 to Colossians, and CD #8 covers: 1 Thessalonians to Revelation.

Here you can listen to the History of Calvary Chapel and the testimonies of some of the early Pastors who now all have their own churches: Harvest

There are also 4 books written by Chuck Smith that you can read here.

You may have heard about the “Gospel in the stars”. The gospel in the stars theory attempts to disconnect, or redeem, the constellations and the stars from their pagan associations to reveal their original gospel meaning. It must be stressed that this is not an attempt to legitimize or Christianize astrology or to practice divination. It merely purports to have uncovered the gospel meaning of the stars and constellations, which ancient cultures distorted through astrology. Dr. James D. Kennedy has recorded a teaching series called:”The Real Meaning Of The Zodiac”. Here are his 12 messages: Aquarius The Water-Pourer, Aries The Lamb, Cancer The Crab, Capricornius The Goat-Fish, Gemini The Twins, Leo The Lion, Libra The Scales, Pisces The Fishes, Sagittarius The Archer, Scorpio The Scorpion, Taurus The Bull, Virgo The Virgin.

Ray Vander Laan has a very deep insight of the Jewish culture, having been taught by Rabis in Israel (for over a decade I believe). Ray Vander Laan is the founder of That the World May Know Ministries and creator of the Faith Lessons video series with Focus on the Family. An ordained minister, he holds the chair of biblical cultural studies as a religion instructor at Holland Christian Schools in Holland, Michigan. He and his wife, Esther, have four children and fifteen grandchildren.

Here is his a collection of messages that are very insightful and will give you a much deeper appreciation of the Holy Scriptures. One of my favorite messages is “The Other Side”.

Chuck Missler with his in depth teaching
is one of my favorite Bible teachers!
Listen to him here or search on YouTube

3rd Annual One Step to Freedom Conference

If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol, drugs, pornography, prescription drugs––even to watching TV––or has an eating disorder, there’s hope! Just come as you are to JESUS CHRIST. He wants to set you free.

I have shared these testimonies many, many times in my Jail Ministry. Each time the men had been very impressed and encouraged! The these testimonies prove that GOD can use anyone if they just let HIM use their broken, messed-up lives for HIS purpose.

David Zamora: lead Pastor at Living Way Fontana. To view David’s testimony at the 3rd Annual Lost And Found One Step To Freedom conference click here.

Victor Marx: Reaching Troubled, Abused & Trafficked Youth EVERYWHERE. To view Victor’s testimony at the 3rd Annual Lost And Found One Step To Freedom conference click here.

Laurie Ishii: Memories of a JUNKIE. To view Laurie’s testimony at the 3rd Annual Lost And Found One Step To Freedom conference click here.

Jessa Crisp:
How One Woman Survived Sex Trafficking

is a respected speaker, writer, and mentor. She uses her childhood experience of severe abuse and trafficking to illustrate both the stark realities of sex trafficking and the truth that healing transformation is possible. Jessa got her degree in Counseling and is presently working on her Master's as a step towards obtaining a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Jessa is the co-founder and Executive Director of BridgeHope and is part of the Rebecca Bender Initiative speaker team. She lives in Colorado with her husband John.

John Crisp is a speaker, teacher, minister, and student. He graduated from Nazarene Bible College with a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministries. He is now studying at Denver Seminary to receive a Master's degree in Apologetics and Ethics.

The following 3 links are broadcasts from Dr. James Dobson Family Talk broadcasts June 12th through 14th 2018:

6/12: A Story of Redemption: How One Woman Survived Sex Trafficking Part 1

6/13: A Story of Redemption: How One Woman Survived Sex Trafficking Part 2

6/14: A Story of Redemption: How One Woman Survived Sex Trafficking Part 3

The most asked questions about origins … answered

Click here for Chuck Missler’s commentary of the whole Bible!
Faith Comes By Hearing
GOD’s Word in Audio

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