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What you aren't being told about astronomy Vol. I - Our created Solar system - Spike Psarris

A documentary of the solar system how it defies the laws of physics and what you aren't being told by secular scientists on their studies of the Solar system... and there's room for support of our Solar system being created by "God" of the bible

The host of this volume 1 documentary is Spike Psarris, a former engineer in the U.S. military space program. He entered that program as an atheist and left it as a creationist and a Christian.

I don't own this clip, rights or license of this video, I'm just simply sharing. God bless.

Darwin's Confession

"If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous successive slight modifications, my theory would absolutely breakdown!"

Charles Darwin, The Origins of Species

I hope you are searching for truth.
When you search for
Truth regardless were it leads you to, you will find it.
I do not claim to have all the truth, but I have collected all kinds of materials, with lots of them containing scientific themes, for about 18 years. With countless hours of audio, video, and reading materials including many personal experiences. I am
absolutely convinced that the Bible is true and inspired by GOD.

I don’t expect you to believe that right up-front, but
I urge you to look into the details that we know from certain facts in natural laws like entropy (second law of thermodynamics). Facts speak for themselves. Have an open mind and pay special attention to what and how things are stated. In teachings of evolution you often find words like ‘must have’, ‘most likely’, ‘assumedly’, and other expressions that are of a assumed believe rather than bare facts. We need to use logic and reason when looking at any theories or claims. Science and technology have come a long way and are the greatest resources for pointing to observable facts.

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If you encounter any problems on my site or have any remarks, ideas, requests, question, or criticisms, please send me an email to alex.antal@gmail.com. I highly appreciate any input or feedback!
Thank you in advance!

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Are you interested in where current events and prophecies of the Bible are coming together?
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In Fall 2021 I got Connected with Caleb Harrelson here in El Paso. He is an Apologetics and Creation buff. He has a YouTube channel called Engage Truth and a website called ENGAGE APOLOGETICS.

Caleb is also actively working on EL PASO CREATION NETWORK which comprises of a bunch of people from different backgrounds, churches, training and education levels. We had already a very successful first event that got me fired up and looking forward to the next events. Please check out ENGAGE APOLOGETICS for future events.

Dr. Mark Armitage is a scientist who has worked for many years with fossils and found soft tissues in them. He is coming to El Paso on February 20th for a whole week and will be doing presentations and student bone labs. If you participate in the bone lab, you even get to keep your sample that you investigated under the microscope being provided in this awesome class!

Can we trust the Bible?

Evidence for a young Earth

Both are downloadable PDF files

This Video DESTROYS the 
Atheistic Worldview

This 30 minute video presentation by Ken Ham, the founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, is fact filled using updated science and data to show that having an atheistic worldview is not reasonable to keep after being exposed to these facts!
Answers In Genesis has great VBS and Homeschool curriculum lots of videos and books, and they also have an Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter (life sized ‘Noah’s’ Ark) in Kentucky.