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I hope you are searching for truth.
When you search for it
regardless were it leads you to, you will find it.
I do not claim to have all the truth, but I have collected all kinds of materials, with lots of them containing scientific themes, for about 16 years. With countless hours of audio, video, and reading materials including many personal experiences, I am convinced that the Bible is true and inspired by GOD.

I don’t expect you to believe that right up-front, but I urge you to look into the details that we know from certain facts in natural laws like entropy (second law of thermodynamics). Facts speak for themselves. Have an open mind and pay special attention to what and how things are stated. In teachings of evolution you often find words like ‘must have’, ‘most likely’, ‘assumedly’, and other expressions that are of a assumed believe rather than bare facts. We need to use logic and reason when looking at any theories or claims. Science and technology have come a long way and are the greatest resources for pointing to observable facts.

I am trying first to provide contents. Once I am content with my contents, then will I work on some practical improvements. After that I will consider making my website look better.

If you encounter any problems on my site or have any remarks, ideas, requests, question, or criticisms, please send me an email to alex.antal@gmail.com. I highly appreciate any input or feedback!
Thank you in advance!

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