Book: Isaiah
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ISAIAH 55:6-11


That God should speak to man is perfectly logical. Since God created man with the
capacity to know God and fellowship with Him., God's intention. So man can know, God
must reveal Himself to man, God would of fairness have had to make this revelation early
in the history of man, and must preserve it to the present day, Proof in prophetic element.

        A. Rain and snow used as figures.
                1. "Comes down from heaven."
                        a. God is either the author or -
                        b. Man conjured up the whole thing.
                2. "Returns not thither."
                        a. The rain comes and waters the earth and it seems the
                           whole earth is soaked.
                                1. But the roads soon dusty again.
                                2. Seems rain was wasted.
                                3. Sometimes as we proclaim God's Word it seems to fall
                                   on deaf ears.

        A. "Waters the earth."
                1. Lying within the dust of the earth all sorts, of potential for life.
                2. The rain falls on that brown dusty hillside it passes over and it seems
                   that nothing was accomplished.
                        a. Soon the mountainside will have:
                                1. Tinge of green then a beautiful green carpet with
                                   splotches of blue or yellow or red.
                3. Lying within man is latent potential.
                        a. Our spirit lies dead and dormant.
                        b. "But you hath He made alive."
        B. "Maketh it bring forth and bud."
                1. God desires to bring forth fruit in our lives.
                2. "If ye abide in Me and My Words abide in you."
        C. "Give seed to the sower."
                1. God's first purpose is extension of kingdom.
                2. He touches you and brings forth life that you might touch others.
        D. "And bread to the eater."
                1. As we minister to others we are ministered to.
                2. "Take heed to thyself and thy doctrine..."

        A. Think of the rain and snow.
                1. First little drop you brush off your hand and its gone, but as it
                   continues to fall.
                2. First flake you touch and it disappears. Seems to fragile to
                   have any power.
                3. "It shall not return unto Me void."
                        1. Sometimes as you read God's Word it seems a waste of time.
                                a. You put down the book and can't remember a thing you
                                   have read.
                                b. It's like a drop of rain, it seems its gone.
                                c. Keep reading, when you need it will come back, it will
                                   soon begin to color your life.
                        2. You here this morning you're trapped. You have heard God's
                           Word. Vs. 6,7.
                                a. His Word will save you or condemn you.
        C. "It shall accomplish that which I please."
                1. The importance of giving forth God's Word.
                2. What you or I say or think will pass.
        D. "It shall prosper in the thing where to sent it."
                1. God has sent His Word to you today.
                        a. Perhaps He sent it for judgment.
                                1. Knowing the hardness of your heart your unrepentant
                                   spirit. He is now leaving you without excuse.
                        b. Perhaps He sent it for salvation.
                                "CALL UPON HIM WHILE HE IS NEAR."
                                God will have mercy and will abundantly pardon.