Book: Isaiah
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ISAIAH 40:31


Intro: Isaiah called miniature Bible, 66 chapters, 66 books. 39 chapters
       deal with old covenant. This is first chapter of new. Subject is God's greatness
       and man's weakness.

        A. For those of you who are very strong, always able to cope and handle
           every situation. I have nothing to say today.
                1. You might just buy the tape and file it away for that future day.
                2. Sooner or later, that day comes when one must confess, "I just
                   can't do it."
        B. This message for those who recognize their own inadequacies.
                1. You who have been troubled with sin in your life.
                        a. In the hour of testing, you have been too weak to resist.
                        b. You fight against it, but you fail.
                2. For you who have determined upon a course of action and commitment
                   to God, but haven't been able to carry through.
                        a. You determined to pray more.
                        b. Or read the Word more.
                        c. Or to watch TV less.
                3. Have faced or facing a problem that is too great for you. You sense
                   that you don't have the strength to push it through.
                4. Maybe life has become a burden too heavy to bear. You feel too tired
                   to try to go on.

        A. Much of our weakness comes from our impatience.
                1. Something must be done, so I start doing something.
                        a. I start moving things around, but I did it all wrong. Now I
                           must redo it.
                        b. Let's say my wife has ordered new living room furniture. She's
                           not home when delivered.
                2. We are often so anxious to get going. We start going in the
                   wrong direction.
        B. I must wait on the Lord not only for direction, but the strength to implement.
                1. God will not require of me in task, but He will empower me to fulfill.
                        a. Many times people say, "I don't know how you can keep up with
                           your schedule."
                        b. To me it's no problem for God gives the strength.
                        c. So often we look with awe at other people's coping power in
                           dire circumstances.
                                1. We think, "I could never do that."
                                2. Yes you could if He asked you to.
                2. Never look at tomorrow's burdens with today's strength.
                        a. As thy day is, so shall thy strength be.
        C. I must remember who it is that is strengthening me -"LORD."
                1. Vs. 12 - Measured waters in palm of His hand. Meted out heaven
                            with a span.
                2. Vs. 15 - Nations like dust in balances.
                3. Vs. 22.
                4. Vs. 28.

        A. "He will renew my strength."
                1. I will mount up with wings as eagles.
                2. I will run and not be weary.
                3. I will walk and not faint.
                        For the everlasting God, Jehovah, the creator is my strength.