Book: Isaiah
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ISAIAH 28:20


Intro: Fine satire. Full of sarcasm. Context- Talking; to people who were
       created to be God's people. Owed existence and propriety to God. Godlessness,
       contempt for warning, They still believed in God, but not his  immediate
       government. They had taunted the prophet vs. 9,10, He told of  judgment, they
       answered vs. 15 Isaiah answers vs. 16, then vs. of text,  the True resting place.

        A. A tried stone.
        B. A precious corner stone.
        C. A sure foundation.
        D. He that believeth shall not make haste."
        E. This was a prophetic utterance which is now history.
                1. Jesus Christ is a sure foundation.
                2. You can rest on Him.
                        a. When we are conscious of our sin and failure, weary of our
                           failings, we cast ourselves on Him.
                3. "Come unto Me... and ye shall find rest for your souls."
        F. This is the only place of true rest, of all others we must say vs. 20.

        A. Men seem to be resting, on what?
                1. Deep within we know that this life is not all.
                        a. I will not argue with the man who doubts this I will pray
                           for him.
                        b. If you object to talking about your death - unresolved sin.
                                1. The sting of death not yet removed.
        B. Some rest in a moral life.
                1. Morality demands a standard, What is your standard?
                        a. What is God's standard?
                        b. Go back to first commandment.
                        c. Jesus Christ is God's standard.
                2. If your righteousness is not equal to His, no resting.
        C. Some rest in religious observances.
                1. I was baptized as an infant, confirmed when I was 12, take
                   sacrament regularly.
                        a. Were you ever born again?
                        b. Spiritual regeneration can never come by material actions.
                2. Your bed is too short, your blankets too narrow.
                3. What did you promise on day of confirmation?
                        a. "I renounce the world, the flesh, and the devil."
                                1. Have you? Trying to rest on broken vows.
        D. Ten years ago I went forward in a Billy Graham crusade, I said the
           sinners prayer. 
                1. Perhaps then the seed was planted but it's been aborted and you
                   were never truly born again - you lack all the fruit of the new life.
        E. Some tell me they are trusting God's love, He is to loving to condemn any one.
                1. He is too good to let you go unpunished.
                2. God will honor your decision.
        F. Someone tells me "I still have time."
                1. When I feel the coldness of death overtaking me I will cry out to Jesus.
                        a. Resting in hope you will still be conscious.
                        b. Will it be true repentance.
                                1. English doctor's record of 1000 such cases.
        G. How can our morality cover and hide us from His searching eyes, knows  motives?
           How can religious observances cover us if it has not produced a righteous life?
                God has made a place of true rest for you. vs. 16.