Book: Isaiah
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ISAIAH 9:6-7


Intro: 740 years before the event was to take place, the prophet Isaiah looked by the
       Spirit down through the centuries to a momentous night in the obscure little
       village of Bethlehem.

        A. A young couple is forced by a decree of Caesar to journey from Nazareth to
           Bethlehem to enroll for a new taxation to be imposed on the world by Rome.
                1. Caesar could care less that she is in the final stages of her
                   first pregnancy.
                2. We watch as her husband tries desperately to find a place of shelter
                   in the enclosed wall of the Inn.
                3. Now there is no more time, the contractions are coming too rapidly.
                4. They arrange some hay in the stable where she delivers her
                   firstborn Son.
                        a. We watch her as she tenderly swaddles the child and lays Him
                           in the manger.
                        b. Another little boy born in the tribe of Judah, a descendant
                           of King David. Much more.
        B. The husband is not the father of the child.
                1. The young girl is a virgin.
                2. Nine months previous to this event, an angel had appeared to her
                   saying - Luke 1:28.
                3. This at first, as might well be supposed, caused trouble with
                   her engagement.
                4. But an angel also came to her husband to be and told him to take
                   her as his wife, assuring him that the conception was from God.
                5. So they called His name Joshua, or in the Creek, Jesus. Jahshua Yeweh
                   is salvation.
                        a. He was named after His Father.
        C. Soon shepherds guided by the directions of the angels are to appear at the
           manger to gaze wonderingly at this child which, according to the angels, was
           to be their Savior, Christ, Lord.
                1. That's the story from the human side. Looking now from another

        A. God had made man for loving fellowship.
                1. Man turned from God and lost his way.
                2. God gave to man the guidelines for coming back.
                3. Some of the men who were professors, that is, they professed to be
                   smarter than everyone else said.
                        a. There is no God.
                        b. You must live for self.
                        c. Good and evil are relative concepts established by men.
                4. God sent His servants, the prophets, to warn them, these men lie.
                        a. If you live for self you will die.
                        b. Turn to God and find life.
                5. The people engaged in their own lusts were irritated by the prophets
                   so they abused them, beating some, killing others.
                        a. They moved farther away from God.
                6. Others came and established themselves as more spiritual than the
                   others. They claimed to know what God was trying to say. They said,
                   in essence, to the people, live however you want, just pay us and
                   we'll take care of God for you. Those who pretended to lead people
                   to God were blind.
                7. Man was now hopelessly lost.
        B. "A Son is given." "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."
                1. "Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and gave
                   His Son..."  sacrificial offering for our sins.
                2. There are still many professors today.
                3. There are still many religious leaders. They are blind, seeking to
                   lead the blind.
        C. The only way to God is through His Son.
                1. The only way to life is through His death.