Book: Isaiah
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ISAIAH 9:6,7


Intro: The angels announced to the shepherds "For unto you is born this day, in
       the city of David a Savior, Christ, Lord."

        A. This is viewing the birth of Christ from the human side.
                1. There is always something exciting and beautiful about the
                   birth of a child.
                2. We become partners with God in the mysteries of creation.
                3. This was no ordinary birth, no ordinary child.
                        a. The mother was a virgin.
                                1. This presents a problems to some people.
                                        If it presents a problem to you may I suggest
                                        your God is too small.
                        b. The child was to be given the divine name of Jehovah Shua.
                                1. He was to be called "Wonderful Counselor"
                                2. "In the beginning was the word..."
                        c. For centuries the prophets were foretelling the birth
                           of this child.
                                1. Over three hundred aspects of His life foretold.
                                2. Chance factor that 48 could be fulfilled
                                   by one man 1-10157/ 500 balls per min. Day
                                   and night. 6 billion yrs. repeat that 1010.

        A. Viewing the birth from the divine side. For God so loved the world,
           He gave.... a Son
                1. God to demonstrate His love for a sinning world is giving
                   His Son to redeem.
                        a. I John 4:9,10.
                        b. "But God commendeth His love toward us, in that we were
                           yet sinners, Christ died for us."
                        c. Any of you who have stood helplessly by the bedside of
                           your child and watched them suffer, realize it was harder
                           to give His Son than to come Himself. He in reality came
                           Himself in His Son, He suffered more.
        B. "Son is given" to be the "Savior."
                1. The world needs a savior.
                2. Man left to himself on verge of destroying himself.
                        a. We had come to trust in the genius of man.
                                1. Vaccines, anti-biotics.
                                2. Filled our homes with wonderful devices.
                                3. Not yet found cure for colds.
                                4. Running out of energy.
        C. "A son is given." "Christ."
                1. Gods anointed One.
                2. The long awaited Messiah.
                                a. The suffering world should be filled with joy.
                                b. In the darkness a light shines.
                                c. But alas the prophet tells us He will be despised
                                   and rejected by man.
                                        He is one of the most loved and hated men in the
                                        world today.
        D. A son is given" "Lord."
                1. Is He the Lord of your life today?
                        "Good news of great joy."
                        a. Do you have that great joy?
                        b. I feel sorry for some of you here today.
                                "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace."
                        c. Do you have that peace?
                                Only if the Prince of Peace has become your savior and Lord.