Book: Isaiah
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ISAIAH 6:1-5

I. UZZIAH II Chron. 26: 5,8,15.
        A. Prosperous.
                1. Vs. 5 "And as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper."
                2. Built great cities.
                3. Developed strong army.
        B. Popular.
                1. "His name spread abroad" vs. 8.
                2. "His name spread far abroad" vs. 15.
        C. Proud "He was lifted up to his destruction."

        A. Wonderful prophet of God.
                1. Mightily used of God.
        B. Had his eyes on King Uzziah.
                1. Uzziah was his 2nd cousin.
                2. Fell in with popular, clamor.
        C. God had to remove his idol before he could reveal Himself.
                1. Dangerous to get our eyes on people.
                        a. God will many times allow people to fail.
        D. Result of Vision.
                1. For first time saw himself vs. 5.