Book: Isaiah
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ISAIAH 6:1-5


        A. King Uzziah was a popular king.
                1. During his 52 year reign, Judah prospered.
                        a. The Philistines were subdued.
                        b. He established settlements in their territory.
                        c. He developed the military strength.
                        d. He also developed many domestic projects.
                2. His name spread abroad even to Egypt.
                3. His name was on the lips of all the people.
                4. He was a national hero.
                        a. The nation looked to him, depended on him and trusted in him.
        B. His death was a national tragedy.
                1. They began to fear for the future.
                2. The strong throne is empty.

        A. Sometimes God has to remove our idols before we can see Him.
                1. We have put our trust in our job, bank account, or some person.
                2. That person or thing has become our security; we rely on it or them.
                3. When our idol is removed, "diastersvile."
        B. I can envision Isaiah in national mourning with all the people.
                1. As he sits wondering about the future and weeping, he sees in his mind
                   the empty throne of Uzziah.
                2. Through the distortion of his tears, another throne begins to appear.
                        a. Its the throne of God!
                        b. God is sitting on it!
                                1. God's glory fills the place.
                                2. He is surrounded by the seraphims who are proclaiming.
                                        "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole
                                        earth is filled with His glory."
                3. God had to empty the throne so Isaiah could see that the throne
                   wasn't empty.
        C. How we need to see that God is on the throne.
                1. At the time of national crisis.
                2. At the time of personal tragedy.
                3. God is still in control. He still rules.
                        a. He knows what you are going through.
                        b. He will take care of you.
                4. The way we act sometimes, you would think that God had abdicated
                   the throne.
                5. Our greatest need is a new vision of God sitting on the throne.

        A. In seeing God, he now saw himself in a new light.
                1. It is so easy for us to get an exalted opinion of ourselves.
                        a. I'm not so bad myself.
                        b. I'm pretty good.
                        c. We are looking at ourselves in the dim light of the world
                           about us.
                2. See yourself in the light of God as He sits upon His throne, surrounded
                   by seraphim.
                        a. "Woe is me."
        B. "I am unclean."
                1. In the light of God's holiness, how horribly sinful I am.
                2. "Woe is me" is a cry of despair.
        C. The flying seraphim with the glowing coal from off the altar.
                1. "Thine iniquity is taken away, thy sin is purged."
                2. Isaiah is now outfitted for service.
        D. "Whom shall I send, who will go for us?"
        E. Then said I, "here am I, send me."