Book: Proverbs
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PROVERBS 30: 24 -28


Intro: "In the rustling grass, I see Him pass. He speaks to me everywhere."
       Four lessons of wisdom from small creatures.

        A. "A people not strong."
                1. Watch how they struggle with an oversized crumb.
                2. Not much insulation in their bodies winter climate.
        B. "They prepare their meat in the summer."
                1. All summer long working overtime, around the clock.
                        a. Searching for food.
                        b. Storing it away.
                        c. Preparing for that time when they cannot get out.
        C. Wisdom lesson - Prepare for what's ahead.
                1. Barring the mystery of I Corinthians 15.  We shall all
                2. We know death is coming we cannot escape it.
                        a. So few prepared to die.
                                1. I don't mean your will and insurance in
                        b. "After death the judgment."
                                1. The judgment seat of Christ or the great
                                   white throne judgment of God.
                                2. You cannot escape it nor can you change
                                   the facts then.
                                3. Now is the time to prepare.
                                4. Any man who pleads his own case has a
                                   fool for an attorney.

        A. "Are but a feeble folk."
                1. One of the most defenseless animals.
                        a. Very easily killed.
        B. "Yet make they their houses in the rocks."
                1. The coyote may stand outside and bark.
        C. Wisdom lesson - Though I am weak and frail, I can be safe if I
           abide in the Rock Christ Jesus.
                a. I am as secure as my abiding place. 
                b. Jesus said, "Abide in me, for apart from me, ye can do
                c. Satan may threaten to "huff and puff."

        A. "They have no king."
                1. Each one seems autonomous.
                2. No one standing there giving orders.
                3. No hierarchy yet -
        B. "Go they forth, all of them by bands."
                1. They move together as one.
                2. There seems to be some kind of invisible unifying force.
        C. Wisdom lesson.
                1. God wanted His nation Israel to be like this.
                        a. Each of us are to receive our instructions from
                        b. When I see an ear of the body trying to pull away
                           and act independent of the body. Getting orders
                           from wrong source.

        A. "Takes hold with her hands."
                1. Even watch a spider run across a ceiling.
                2. Must have taken a lot of faith for first try.
        B. "And is in king's palaces."
                1. Spiders will move right in with you. Even in the palaces.
        C. Wisdom lesson. By faith take hold of God's promises.