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Calvary Distinctives

What makes Calvary Chapel Distinctive? It's always good to have a grasp of the distinctive work that God has done in our fellowship. If Calvary Chapel is exactly like the church across the street it would be better to simply merge the two. But, ifthere are qualities that make us different, then we have a unique and special place in the plan of God. Certainly there are churches that share many of our beliefs and practices. But God has done a wonderful work of balance in the Calvary Chapel movement that does make us different. 

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Effective Prayer Life

In print for nearly 20 years, this incredible book has touched countless lives world-wide. Prayer is the most joyous privilege in the world! Discover the full, beautiful experience of prayer, and be refreshed by the simplicity of having a closerelationship with God. In this book, Pastor Chuck Smith discusses the principles of prayer, the keys to having a dynamic prayer life, and the victorious results of such a life.

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Answers for Today

Topics include: It's Time for the Sonrise!; What is Man?; Positive Confession; The Healing Doctrine; God's Refining Process; Keep Yourself in the Love of God; Two False Doctrines; The Rapture!; What Does God Require of Me?; Be an Example; Questions& Answers; Unto Us a Son Is Given; The Sin of Sodom; Where Are You?; Return to Your First Love; The Serpent of Brass; God's Plan for the Ages; Our Glorious Gospel.

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Charisma vs. Charismania

In the words of Chuck Smith, "Charisma is a beautiful, natural anointing of God's Spirit upon a person's life, enabling him or her to do the work of God. Charismania is a fleshly endeavor to imitate charisma. It is any human effort to do the workof the Spirit in the energy or ability of the flesh. These displays of charismania take on many forms and always draw attention to the person rather than to Jesus Christ."

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