Wide is the Gate Conference
Please scrol down past the pictures for the messages given at CCEP in November 2013

 Caryl Matrisciana Gregory Reid  Warren Smith Ray Yungen

  Caryl Matrisciana              Gregory Reid           Warren Smith                 Ray Yungen         

Session 1 (Friday 7PM) - Ray Yungen

Session 2 (Friday 8:30PM) - Greg Reid

Session 3 (Saturday 9AM) - Caryl Matrisciana

Session 4 (Saturday 10:30AM) - Ray Yungen

Session 5 (Saturday 1PM) - Warren Smith

Session 6 (Saturday 2:30PM) - Ray Yungen

Session 7 (Saturday 5:30PM) - Caryl Matrisciana

Session 8 (Sunday 9AM) - Warren Smith

Session 9 (Sunday 11AM) - Greg Reid

Session 10 (Sunday 5PM) - Caryl Matrisciana

Session 11 (Sunday 6:30PM) - Warren Smith


Session 12 (Sunday 8PM) - Panel Discussion 

DVD cover of Wide Is The Gate DVD Volume 1